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Period During Pregnancy

Having your menstrual period during pregnancy is quite normal. For many women it is normal to spot or bleed during pregnancy, but the first thing you have to do if you have your period during pregnancy is to contact your healthcare provider in order to avoid any kind of complications.


About 10% of women have their period during pregnancy, which occurs when they become pregnant only few days before the next period.

Period during pregnancy can also be caused by ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages and placental problems like placenta prevail and placenta abruption. All these represent dangerous complications that can even cause the death of the pregnant woman.

Experiencing some bleeding episode during the last three moths of the pregnancy can also be a sign of early preterm labor if it is accompanied by contractions or cramps.

In any case it is recommended to contact your care provider, if you are experiencing some bleeding or camping episode so you can verify that you and your baby is not in danger.

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